Quaker Neck Gun Club has been practicing Quality Deer Management in conjunction with our Kent County cooperative for over a decade. Numerous mature bucks and does are harvested annually. We have a minimum 15” inside spread rule for bucks (one per weapon) being harvested and very liberal doe limits (10) in accordance with our state regulations. Violations of our spread rule are subject to a maximum of $100.00 per point fine.

Both permanent and portable (screaming eagle) stands with 16’-20’ walking sticks are used to put you on the deer.

Our year around habitat management programs includes over two dozen green fields planted with clover, alfalfa and brassicas. Large blocks of warm season grasses have been planted creating additional bedding and comfort zones. Annual food plots made up of standing corn, sorghum, wheat and barley are also planted. These standing crops provide winter food sources and create corridors across and between our hunting areas. Sanctuary areas have been set aside on each farm creating a safe haven for the deer.

Off-site butchering service is available nearby.
What to Bring
  • Safety belt is required
  • Flash light
  • String for pulling up your weapon
  • Rubber knee high boots
  • 250 sq. inches of orange - Front & back of vest plus hat for firearms seasons
  • Bow – September 7 – January 31
  • Early Black powder – third weekend of October
  • Shotgun – Saturday after Thanksgiving for two weeks
  • Late Black Powder – last two weeks of December
  • Crossbow –September 7 – January 31
  • Late Shotgun – first weekend in January
  • Maryland Hunting Seasons
Hunting Rates
  • Bow - $300.00 per man/day
  • Early Black Powder - $300.00 per man/day
  • Shotgun – first two days $300.00 per man/day $300.00 thereafter
  • Late Black Powder - $300.00 per man/day
  • Cross Bow - $300.00 per man/day
  • We meet at the grain tanks 60 minutes before shooting time.