Our legendary puddle duck hunting is conducted on our forty drained and planted impoundments. They encompass several hundred acres and over 18,000 bushels of seed. These impoundments have been planted in standing corn, sorghum, millet, and moist soil plants creating a smorgasbord of food sources for the ducks.

Sanctuary areas along the Chester River and several of its creeks provide us with the rest areas necessary to manage thousands of wild ducks.

Our impoundments are flooded throughout the season bringing fresh food to the table all season long. Wells have been drilled to supplement the winter rainfall for timely water management. Bubblers are put out to maintain open water even during the coldest temperature.

Blinds have been established out in the impoundments providing close in shots on decoying birds. Chest waders are strongly recommended for entry to most of our blinds.

The primary species harvested are mallards and black ducks. Wood ducks, green wing teal, widgeon, pintail, canvasback and lesser scaup make up the rest of the bag depending on the time of the year and areas being hunted. Maryland currently has a 60 day season with a five bird limit.

Offsite picking service available.
 What to bring
  • Chest waders
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Non Toxic Shot, we reccommend 2¾” #6 Hevi Shot/ Bismuth,Tungsten shells or 3" #2 Steel.
Hunting Rates
  • $960.00 per blind a day
  • Blinds hold four hunters plus guide. We do not mix parties in blinds
  • We meet at our grain tanks 60 minutes before shooting time